The Power of Choice

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The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

Have you ever had an overbearing boss or client? It can be frustrating.

People value autonomy.

We all like to be creative in our own ways.

And having the freedom to make decisions instills a sense of ownership.

So how can team leaders tap into this human nature of wanting to feel in control?

When influencing others, it's effective to give people the power of choice.

At the start of winter, it was a hassle to go outside because my 2-year-old son refused to wear a jacket. Even putting on his sneakers was a challenge.

I changed my approach.

Instead of telling him what to do, I now ask him if he wants to put on his black or blue jacket. I ask him to go find a pair of sneakers. He gets to pick and feels in control.

The desire for independence is innate.

In negotiation, the key to gaining the upper hand is to give the other side the illusion of control, according to former FBI negotiator Chris Voss.

Customers can feel like their hand is being forced if annual billing is the only payment option.

When employees are given the choice to be involved in a project, they're more likely to be committed.

Empowerment is about providing people with an environment where they feel confident in their capacity to control their outcomes.- After all, people have the right to choose what they think and how they act.

In what ways can you give people the power of choice this week?

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