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First Post Story

First Post Story

I'm channeling the Hemingway Spirit.

This is my first piece in the Hemingway app. What am I going to write? It's a mystery.

But you'll find out shortly...

Writing is all about taking time to form a habit. Have you heard of "writer's block"? I don't believe in it.

It's not a matter of what you have to write, but when you'll write.

If you sit down (or stand up) and write whatever is on your mind, you'll be 'writing'. It doesn't matter if you make typos. It doesn't matter if there are grammar issues. What matters is that you transfer your ideas from your mind to paper or screen.

Once your ideas are out of your head, you can flesh them out and create something good.

Here are some suggestions:

Share your knowledge.

About what? About how you're a restaurant server and meet interesting people. Or maybe you're a carpenter and you're a right-angle master. Share your knowledge.

You can tell a story. Talk about the friendly person you met today and how they made you smile or frown. Tell a story about something you made or fixed. Tell a story about anything.

You can practice gratitude. Did you know that focusing on positive things can make you happier? There's scientific research that agrees. Imagine every morning you write 3 things you're grateful for. Three sentences. That sets the tone for the day. You've already won.

You can cultivate your ideas. The more you write, the more ideas you think of remember. As you build upon your written ideas, you'll generate more ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the ideas you already have. You'll be able to communicate your ideas better in person.

That's why everyone should write more.

Remember when I rhetorically asked you what I was going to write? Then I said you'd find out shortly? Well, I didn't know what I would to write. I just kept writing. But it was mind-boosting and I came up with some future ideas to write about (see the links above). And since I wrote them down, I'll remember them. Perfect example of the benefits of writing!

But now my wife is dancing to the reggae tunes I put on, and we ordered Indian food through Grubhub tonight.

Until next time, stay focused on what you love.

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