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Anthony Pica

My Principles

These are the principles I live by. They guide my decision-making and actions.

  1. External events don’t cause stress. It’s your interpretation and judgement of them that causes you to worry.
  2. Never be too serious. Because life is too short. (See principle #9).
  3. Continuously learn. Always. Forever. The moment you stop is the moment you start dying.
  4. Your time is finite and therefore your most valuable asset. Protect it.
  5. Don’t worry about the cost of a thing. It’s about the value you get out of it. Value trumps cost.
  6. Your ability to focus on one thing at a time is a superpower.
  7. Don’t be a specialist; be a generalist. As you grow your skills, deeply and widely, you’ll connect the dots in ways other people cannot. You are a renaissance man. Your mental models empower you to understand things and make better decisions.
  8. Writing is your pathway to idea cultivation. The more you write, the more ideas you generate.
  9. Remember, clichés are clichés for reason.
  10. Remember, you could leave life right now. Memento mori.
  11. You don’t need other people to teach you things. Learn on your own. But if you meet someone more experienced, ask questions and listen carefully. Read books, too.
  12. Action is the key to success. By simply doing more, you’re already winning the game of life.
  13. Less is more! (This does not contradict #7).
  14. Adapt and evolve your principles as you grow.

Last updated: March 2019.