A silence I will need to revisit

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A silence I will need to revisit

A silence I will need to revisit

Amazing, beautiful, peaceful, respectful temple.

Good vibes from the start: the security guard at the vehicle entrance greeted me with a "good morning have a great day bro", a head nod, and a smile.

The campus was immaculate.

For the first time in awhile, I wasn't the first to initiate a smile.

There was an air of respect that I wish could be found everywhere.

The architecture was truly out of this world. I appreciatively took photos in the areas where photography was permitted.

After choosing to watch a 10-min orientation video in a small, comfortable theatre room—briefly learning the history of Swaminarayan Akshardham—I headed outside, under a slightly overcast sky.

A feeling of connectedness crept up on me.

A large family thanked me for taking their photo.

Ready to enter the Mandir, I eagerly removed my shoes.

As if gazing up into the cosmos, I soaked in the magnificent sculptures and architecture. Photos not permitted inside; I focused my attention on the beauty, instilling the sense of awe into memory.

I walked alone but the feeling of connectedness overcame me.

Beautiful silence inside the Mandir created space for peace and gratitude.

A silence I will need to revisit.

Finishing my short trip, I went to the souvenir shop. Bought a blue cap with the Mandir's design on it. Regretfully didn't buy the statue of humility that for some reason reminded me of myself (I'll have to revisit and purchase it). I entered the café and enjoyed Indian cuisine.

Walked slowly back to my car, already thinking about my next visit.

There are scheduled ceremonies open to grateful guests like me to observe. I will revisit.

“In the joy of others lies our own.” — Pramukh Swami Maharaj

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