My message in a bottle

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My message in a bottle

My message in a bottle

I'd put a USB drive in a bottle. My message in a bottle.

The USB would have a link to my website: AnthonyPica.com

The USB would have a backup archive file of everything I've ever written. All my ideas, my thoughts.

I'd gently place it on the surface. Then boldly push it against the waves. The salty water splashes my face. The sun kisses my bald head. I watch the bottle sail to the horizon.

My ideas are no longer locked up. Their value increases.

50 years pass.

I want the world to compete more. Every one should be a competitor. But your competition is yourself only. Don't compete against others, not even in business. It's distracting. Compete so that you constantly improve yourself and the world. Focus on solving problems and creating value.

I'd want my child to find the bottle and share it with all their friends.

Catch my bottle on the other side of earth, as it washes onto the shore and taps your toes. The moon glows on the sand, casting your shadow. You are peaceful.

The USB drive works.

Ocean Island Anthony Pica

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