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Work Smart, Lead Better.

Hi, I'm Anthony Pica

I cultivate ideas on strategy, collaboration, and mental fitness that you can use to work smarter and be a better leader.

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Welcome to my online writing

A place where you can find ideas for working smarter and leading better

I am convinced that the art of writing is the most effective conduit for growth and truth.

Practices like note-taking, journaling, and storytelling can bolster comprehension, retention, and decision-making.

And when you interlace writing and reading, you can connect ideas in new ways and spark the emergence of novel insights.

Writing helps improve the quality of thinking, which is intrinsically significant, because, just as philosopher king Marcus Aurelius said nearly two thousand years ago, "the happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."

From inner contemplation to outward expression, writing is a potent tool for clarity.

This website is my digital journal where I publish some of my writing.

A little about Anthony Pica...

Anthony Pica on couch
Marketing Orchestrator, Writer, Coach
As a Marketing Orchestrator...

I build systems, teams, and tech stacks that connect people to helpful solutions.

I have two decades of hands-on experience in B2B SaaS, product, sales, ops, and digital.

Throughout my life, I’ve been so curious about how things work that I’ve developed skills in diverse domains, such as strategy, psychology, technology, and design.

Combined, these skills enable me to orchestrate effective marketing systems.

As a Writer...

I’m a writer because, well, I write stuff. In some ways, we're all writers... right?

I believe writing is the medium for clear thinking. I leverage its power for decision-making, AI prompting, knowledge-sharing, and the discovery of truth.

As a Coach...

I hold space for people to unlock their true potential. My intent is to nurture existing seeds of success and cultivate self-reliance.

You can reach out to schedule a coaching session with me.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.
—Marcus Aurelius

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